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Swag Bag Ideas for Trade Shows

The best part about tradeshows is the swag! People love feeling special and swag bags are a great way to get your name to stick around in their heads.


1. Notebook with Pen

There will probably be educational sessions at your event, and attendees will need to take notes! This notebook and pen combo is perfect for all those note-taking sessions, and with the handy elastic band, your customers will never lose another pen!

2. Highlighters

What else does an expert note-taker need besides a notebook and a pen? A highlighter, of course! Made with bright, florescent inks, these highlighters are perfect for highlighting those important notes during your tradeshow's education sessions.

3. Drinkware - Travel Mugs

Make sure your attendees are caffeinated up and ready for the day with travel mugs! Made from stainless steel and double-walled insulated, it'll keep their drink of choice either hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

4. Wireless Charger Mousepads

These are great so your attendees can wirelessly charge their phones and browse the tradeshow floor.

5. Snacks!

Snack break! Treat your attendees to packages of snacks, perfect for education sessions, panels, or wandering the tradeshow floor.

6. Lip Balm

Lip balm is always appreciated! The perfect desk accessory, lip balm is available in lots of styles and scents and you can even make your own flavor. Is your tradeshow based around lawn care and gardening? You can make it taste like freshly mown grass or lavender! The possibilities are endless.

7. T-Shirts

What's a swag bag without a t-shirt! Be creative and come up with a message and design that people will love to wear, not just your logo (unless it's really cool!).

8. Tote Bags

And last but certainly not least, they'll need something to put their swag in! And they can reuse them for the grocery store, sports games, and more.

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